Sozan Plus ( Deworming) 100ml

Rs.600 Rs.780

It contains Levamisole ,Oxyclozanide Cobalt Sulphate ,Sodium Selenite


Each 100 ml contains Levamisole HCL B.P (Vet) 1.5 % w/v 

Oxyclozanide B.P (Vet) 3.0% w/v

Cobalt Sulphate 0.05 %

Sodium Selenite 0.03 % 


Sozan Plus possesses paralyzing action on nematodes of the lungs and GI Tract , and has fascidicidol and flukicidol activity and sozan plus is effective of one dose rate for the treatment and control of nematodes as genera haemonchus ,ostertagia,Trichosstrongylus ,Nematadrius hepatica and Fasciola gigantica present in the bile duct of sheep ,goats ,cattle and bufalos . 

Sozan Plus has got concurrent enhancement of immune responsiveness and modulates immune system .

Safety Standards: Sozan Plus has wide safety margins which make sozan plus most perfect amtiparasitic drug for all ages of stock including young pregnant and lactating animals .

Precautions :

Shake well before use.

in some cases ,treatment may determine a mild farm of diarrhea which may last for 24-36 hours 

Use of this product is only permitted following clinical diagnosis carried out by qualified veterinarian.

Protect from heat and light .



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