Regular TMR

Rs.3,000 Rs.3,600

TMR (Total Mixed Ration) is a feeding strategy commonly used in livestock farming, including for goats. TMR involves mixing all the feed ingredients—such as forages, grains, protein sources, minerals, and vitamins—in precise proportions to create a balanced diet for the animals. Here's how TMR can be used regularly for goats:

  1. Nutritional balance: TMR ensures that goats receive a well-balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients they need for growth, reproduction, and maintenance. By mixing different feed ingredients together, TMR allows farmers to customize the ration to meet the specific nutritional requirements of their goats.

  2. Consistent intake: Providing TMR regularly helps ensure that goats consume a consistent and balanced diet every day. This can lead to more predictable growth rates, improved feed efficiency, and better overall health.

  3. Reduced sorting: When goats are fed a TMR, they are less likely to selectively eat certain feed components and leave others behind. This helps reduce feed wastage and ensures that goats consume all the nutrients in the ration, leading to optimal performance.

  4. Convenience: TMR simplifies the feeding process by consolidating all the feed ingredients into a single mix. This can save time and labor compared to feeding individual ingredients separately. Additionally, TMR can be prepared in bulk and stored for future use, further enhancing convenience for farmers.

  5. Improved rumen health: TMR promotes a healthy rumen environment in goats. The consistent intake of a balanced diet helps maintain proper rumen function, which is essential for efficient digestion and nutrient utilization. This can lead to better feed conversion rates and overall productivity.

  6. Adaptability: TMR allows farmers to adjust the ration composition based on factors such as goat age, weight, stage of production (e.g., lactation, gestation), and nutritional requirements. This flexibility enables farmers to meet the changing needs of their goat herd and optimize performance.

  7. Cost-effectiveness: While TMR may require initial investment in equipment for mixing and handling feed, it can be cost-effective in the long run due to improved feed efficiency, reduced feed wastage, and better utilization of available feed resources.

Overall, the regular use of TMR can contribute to the health, productivity, and profitability of goat farming operations by providing goats with a nutritionally balanced diet in a convenient and efficient manner.

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