Kid Care

Rs.2,800 Rs.3,100

"Kidcare TMR" is a specialized type of Total Mixed Ration designed specifically for young goats, known as kids. This type of feed is formulated to meet the unique nutritional requirements of growing goat kids. Here's how Kidcare TMR might be used:

  1. Optimal Growth and Development: Kidcare TMRs are formulated to provide the specific balance of nutrients required for the healthy growth and development of young goat kids. This includes adequate levels of protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals essential for bone development, muscle growth, and overall health.

  2. Ease of Feeding: Just like with other TMRs, Kidcare TMR simplifies feeding operations by combining all necessary ingredients into a single ration. This ensures that young goats receive a consistent diet with uniform nutrient distribution, promoting steady growth and development.

  3. Digestive Health: Kidcare TMRs are designed to be easily digestible for young goat kids, reducing the risk of digestive upsets or issues commonly associated with transitioning from milk to solid feed.

  4. Immune Support: Some Kidcare TMR formulations may include ingredients or additives aimed at supporting the immune system of young goat kids, helping them resist common diseases and infections during this critical stage of development.

  5. Transition from Milk: For goat kids transitioning from milk to solid feed, Kidcare TMR provides a convenient and nutritionally balanced option. Gradually introducing Kidcare TMR alongside milk helps wean the kids onto solid feed while ensuring they continue to receive essential nutrients for growth and development.

  6. Supplement to Forage: In situations where forage quality may be limited or inconsistent, Kidcare TMR can serve as a supplemental feed to ensure young goat kids receive all necessary nutrients for optimal growth, even when grazing conditions are less than ideal.

When using Kidcare TMR, it's essential to follow feeding recommendations and guidelines provided by the manufacturer or a qualified nutritionist to ensure that young goat kids receive the appropriate nutrition for their age, weight, and stage of development. Monitoring the growth and health of the kids regularly can help ensure that their nutritional needs are being met effectively.

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