Ivomek I.V (Ivermectin) 50ml

Rs.950 Rs.1,100

To Be injected Subcutaneously Only Not to be used Intramuscularly 


Each ml contains Ivermectin 20 mg 

Ivomek 2% is effective for cure and control of roundworms ,lungworms,Cattle grubs ,Screw Worms ,Fly larvae ,Slucking Lice ,Menge mites ,it aids in control of biting lice and ticks .


Cattle & Sheep must not be treated withing 21 Days and camels 28 days of slaughter .

Camels & cattle producing milk should not be treated .

Dosage & Administration : 

Cattle & camels :

1ml /100 kg b.w

Sheap & goats 

0.5ml /50 kg b.w

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