Economy TMR

Rs.2,700 Rs.3,000

"Economy TMR" typically refers to a Total Mixed Ration formulated with cost-effectiveness in mind. While it may not contain the highest quality or most expensive ingredients, it is still designed to provide essential nutrients for goats while keeping feed costs down. Here's how economy TMR might be used:

  1. Cost Savings: Economy TMRs aim to provide adequate nutrition at a lower cost compared to premium or specialized rations. This can be beneficial for farmers looking to manage their expenses without compromising too much on goat health and productivity.

  2. Basic Nutrition: While economy TMRs may not contain premium ingredients, they still aim to provide the necessary nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to meet goats' basic requirements for growth, reproduction, and maintenance.

  3. Feeding Efficiency: Like other TMRs, economy TMRs simplify feeding operations by mixing all necessary ingredients into a single ration. This ensures that goats receive a consistent diet with uniform nutrient distribution in every bite.

  4. Customization: Economy TMRs can be formulated based on locally available feed ingredients, which may help further reduce costs by sourcing feed ingredients from nearby sources.

  5. Supplementation: In some cases, economy TMRs may be supplemented with additional feeds or additives to address specific nutritional deficiencies or optimize performance, depending on the needs of the goats and the resources available to the farmer.

While economy TMRs can offer cost savings, it's important to ensure that they still meet the nutritional requirements of the goats. Working with a qualified nutritionist or veterinarian to formulate and monitor the ration is crucial to ensure that goats remain healthy and productive while using an economy TMR. Regular evaluation and adjustments to the ration may be necessary to account for changes in feed quality, goat health status, and production goals.

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